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Life’s too short to eat almond milk yogurt…

Spooky Snacks and Healthy Halloween Treats

I’m trying people. I really am. I’ve been reading Skinny Bitch (I know- the title isn’t very nice) not because I’m trying to lose weight, but because the book is all about adopting a vegan lifestyle.

I’m so on board with everything the authors are saying about the crud food that we eat- soda, processed junk, fast food, etc. It really solidified my decision to be vegan.

And then I got to the animal part. Friends, I had to stop reading. It was too much for this girl to take! And I don’t even like animals! (Cue booing and hissing).

Here’s the scoop: we don’t have pets.

1) I clean up enough poo from my kids, I don’t need to add animal poo to the mix.

2) We don’t have a yard. It’s not fair to pets to always be cooped up in a small house.

3) We’re busy enough without worrying about yet another living, breathing being that needs attention.

There it is. Judge away.

But, but, reading about these sweet little cows and chickens and pigs who are suffering, suffering? That did it. I decided to go hard or go home- no more cheating/fudging/pretending things were vegan.

Enter the almond milk yogurt.


If you’re a longtime versatile vegan reader, you know about my yogurt issues. I love me some yogurt! But non dairy imposters? Curdly, watery, gross! I have not been a fan of Trader Joes soy yogurt, so I thought I’d try this Amande brand.

When I took off the lid, I thought it might have gone bad- it was in chunks- literally, chunks. Matty B immediately started choking and gagging (which isn’t new when he’s watching me dig into my ‘healthy food’) and I very anxiously took a bite. It wasn’t spoiled, but it wasn’t good. The texture was chalky and the flavor wasn’t sweet or tart, it was just sort of bland.


I tried covering it up with a pile of strawberries, bananas and pineapple.


And some granola to balance out the yogurt disappointment. Breakfast was fine. Nothing amazing. Life’s too short to eat almond milk yogurt.



Lunch was a pretty salad and ugly leftover minestrone. I also snacked on some hummus and pretzels.



Dinner was a veggie chicken patty on a whole wheat bun with some Alexia fries and a pile of veg.

The menu for the day was fine, but that almond milk yogurt just put me in a funk. I don’t know if I can do it, people. I really want to be 100%, but if I had to choose between that gloppy slop I had today or no yogurt, I’d go no yogurt. But I don’t want to!

Help me! Do you have any palatable non-dairy yogurt suggestions?

It’s that, or a long winter of oatmeal…


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  1. I’ve been pretty happy doing without yogurt period, but I was just thinking that I’d like to try vegan yogurt alternatives. NOT after reading this post. Lol!

  2. Maybe your palate would have more appreciation for non dairy yogurt than mine?:) I’m thinking I might try coconut milk yogurt next…?

  3. I’m so bummed to hear that the almond milk yogurt wasn’t good. I’ve been curious if there is a good vegan yogurt out there! I guess not… haha

  4. have you tried greek style coconut milk yogurt?!

  5. I understand your pain and was resigned to the fact that I might be stuck with yucky yogurt as well. I discovered on my last shopping trip, this wonderful almond yogurt!! Almond Dream! ๐Ÿ™‚ I have only eaten the vanilla, but my faith in non-dairy yogurts is restored. Give it a try. I also have another non-dairy yogurt So Delicious Coconut Milk Greek style yogurt! I have not tasted it yet so I can’t comment on it. Hope this gives you some hope and tasty yogurts ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Oooh, thank you! I’ve seen the So Delicious brand at my grocery store, so I’ll check it out. I didn’t know that Almond Dream made yogurt! Thanks for the tips!

      • No problem at all. Would love to hear what you think about So Delicious and Almond Dream yogurts. I made fridge oatmeal with it Yummy ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Sorry to hear about the yogurt not being good. I agree with the above comment on trying out So Delicious. It really is delicious, ha!

  7. I saw this recipe for soy yogurt and thought of you: I honestly don’t know if it would be any good, but Happy Herbivore is a successful cookbook author, so it should be….? ๐Ÿ™‚ Besides, it seems pretty quick, easy and a lot less time than other homemade yogurts! Good luck in trying to find a brand you like though. As for store bought, I heard that coconut yogurt was good.

  8. So sorry the almond milk yogurt wasn’t the greatest… Do you like soy yogurt! I tried some once that was really great. I can’t remember the brand of it right now, though!

    I read Skinny Bitch, as well, and got some great info out of it!

  9. I’ve tried Trader Joes soy yogurt and it was…ok. Not my favorite, but definitely not as bad as this almond milk yogurt! When you remember the brand of your fave, let me know!

    • It took some getting used to, but I like the plain Whole Soy yogurt. It is sweetened, but has a tartness. I eat it with granola everyday.

      They also have some flavored ones that are sweeter, and decent.

  10. Have you tried the Alpro yoghurts? I love them. I’m in London and they’re in every supermarket and most local shops. I wish they made an almond version though as I probably eat too much soya stuff.

  11. Alright let’s clear up a few things here. This is your highly personal opinion about a product which, as it sounds, you’ve tried all of 1 time. You should know that (somehow) your page comes up at the top 10 searches when typing almond milk yogurt health. You are leading people astray with your conclusions, and as I can see from the comments people are taking your words to heart.

    My personal experience with Almond milk yogurt has been amazing. I’ve tried Almonde, So Delicious, and the Almond Dream brands and love all 3 of them. I get the plan varieties without all the added sugar and add some dates, nuts and banana sometimes. It’s one of my favorite snacks and something I really look forward to while mostly raw vegan. Thanks and have a nice day

  12. I just tried almond dream vanilla yogurt…I gagged on the first bite!! Ugh! I thought the so delicious coconut milk yogurt was better than this. I couldn’t even get it down. I agree with you — life is too short to eat things that just taste rotten.

    Joseph…I’m glad you like the yogurt, but let us who don’t like it express our opinion freely. Thank you.

  13. Thank you for your blog. It was a great read! As someone who is going Vegan herself, I can appreciate the humor and the transitional struggles. I am lactose intolerant and so I have never had the pleasure of “regular yogurt.” I agree that Almande was… ahem. Not one I’d buy again. I absolutely LOVE Whole Soy Yogurt and the Yogurt Gods who created it, however for some reason (I love it so much I don’t even care what the reason is) it has not been on shelves in a quite a while. I have forced myself through other non-dairy alternatives and none of them compared at all… until I tried Almond Dream! I am smiling again. It is very creamy and filling. Its great with granola or my favorite, Multi-Grain Cheerios sprinkled on top. Yum. Truly dreamy.

    Re: Joseph, I agree with Michael.

  14. Almond Dream it one of the best yogurt I’ve bee eating for a couple years already before I’d try many non dairy & lactose free yogurts brand and this is the only good for me….It is really sorry for those that not like the taste and for that reason don’t eating.I’m very happy!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. I just came across this blog as I was eat my Almond Dream plain yogurt. I admit, its not very tasty at all. I enjoy yogurt & fruit as a healthy snack, but being severely lactose intolerant I had to painfully say goodbye to yogurt. BUT… I’ve found delicious alternatives! I enjoy the So Delicious brand of yogurts… My favorite is the Silk Soy Yogurt. Try that one!


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