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Fall personified

If it’s “fallish”, we’ve done it.

Apple picking?. Check.

Fall baking? Check. Double check.

Pumpkin patch?. Yes, sir.

But if that weren’t enough, we found it necessary to cram in at least one more weekends’ worth of fallish behavior.


We spent the evening with some friends, carving pumpkins and making caramel apples. I don’t say this very often, but on this particular evening I was very glad our kids are young.


1. We’re not “stayers”. You know, when you invite company over and you’ve had dinner and coffee and dessert and you’ve chit chatted for a good 3 hours and it’s 11 pm and they’re still sitting on your couch. We don’t do that. Partly because the kids can’t handle it, but partly because we can’t handle it. I’m old. I need my sleep. I like to go home and read before bed. Sometimes with warm milk. And Metamucil.


2. The second reason I’m glad our kids are young? They are perfectly happy with a pumpkin that has 2 circles for eyes, a triangle nose and a half moon smile. The other children at this harvest party desired black cat silhouettes and other complicated designs. I have a feeling our friends were up into the night, perfecting their pumpkin carving skills…


3. Finally, the best part of the night was when we “unveiled” our creations and lit the pumpkins outside on the porch. J Man’s “oohs and ahhs” were the best! Older kids need Xbox and Red Bull. My babies get their kicks from tea lights in poorly carved pumpkins.

And to get our total fill of “fall” in, we attended the Fall Festival at my school. It was fabulous, naturally:)





Not surprisingly, the kid’s favorite part was the bouncy house. They went over and over again and the sweet kid manning the booth just let them do it. There have to be a few perks to my job…:)

Finally, looking for a sneak peek at our 2012 Christmas card…?


Classy, eh…?

I just need to find a good dry pile of leaves to jump in and our fall experience is complete! Dry leaves in Portland? I may have to lower my expectations:)


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