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I may never again look at Wednesdays the same…

Thanks to peas and crayons for hosting all the food fun!

I don’t know if it was because today felt like Monday, or because I just got back from vacation, or maybe because Portland weather has finally reared it’s cloudy, rainy head, but I needed some chocolate…for breakfast.


Have you ever had one of those chocolate oatmeal “no bake” cookies? This oatmeal tasted just like that. It was warm and chocolatey and seemed super indulgent, although in all reality, the only somewhat unhealthy thing was the giant glob of Nutella on top.

In the mix? 1/2 cup of rolled oats, 1/2 banana, 1 TBS flax seed, 1 TBS cocoa powder, 1 TBS cacao nibs and said glob of Nutella. Everyone should have chocolate for breakfast once in awhile.

Decaf was consumed. I should have had regular. It was that kind of a day!


Lunch was secretly eaten while on a conference call. I hear stress is good for digestion? Yeah, that’s a lie. Lunch was tasty, though! 1/2 cup brown rice, roasted veggies (broc, cauliflower, squash, green beans and carrots) with yet another delicious “glob”- Chipotle guacamole. Matty B and I were just there and I always instruct him to get his unwanted guacamole on the side so I can have it later. What does Chipotle do to make it so good? Regardless, even though I was eating in stealth mode, the combo was good.


I stress ate an apple. I wasn’t hungry, I just wanted to chew. I realize there are worse things to eat under stress. It’s a good thing I didn’t have the Nutella in my office…


I came home and made homemade pita bread. That calmed me down a little- well, that and Miss Rae loudly belting out “Onward Christian Soldiers”. She’s got talent, that one:)

Dinner was another scoop of brown rice, 2 falafel patties, hummus, tomato, lettuce, cucumber and a warm pita. Oh, that pita was good! I ate another unpictured half, covered in Nutella. Ok, ok, no Nutella, but it seemed to fit the theme of the day!

Eats were fairly balanced- my life? Not so balanced. That’s what you get for going on vacation. Next time, I won’t actually go anywhere so I don’t have to deal with bathousands of emails to return and piles of laundry to wash (who am I kidding? Matty B does all the laundry) when I return. Yeah, I think I’ll have a stay cation next time- just me and my jar of Nutella…


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  1. You mention Nutella in this post. It’s not vegan since it contains two milk-based ingredients. There are vegan alternatives, like Rawtella, Justin’s chocolate hazelnut butter, Choc & Nut (contains cashews too), and Jem Raw. I’ve only tried the Justin’s product, but it’s pretty darn good. You can get the Choc & Nut and Jem Raw on Vegan Cuts.

    Here’s the ingredients list from the Nutella website:
    ingredients: sugar, palm oil, hazelnuts, cocoa, skim milk, reduced minerals whey (milk), lecithin as emulsifier (soy), vanillin: an artificial flavor.

  2. Oh, that makes me so sad! I guess I’d better read labels a little better! Thanks for the info!

    • I should note that the Justin’s product has less sugar than Nutella, but I can find it at Whole Foods and Target. I wasn’t trying to be the vegan police, but I did find your blog through the feature. Only vegan food should be posted for MoFo.


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