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Realistically Perfect

I wouldn’t say it’s been a perfect day.

We just got back from a 3 day Principal’s Retreat that I was lucky enough to be in charge of. It was stressful.

The food was awesome (because I conned my parents into coming and cooking), but I stress ate way too much and now I feel lethargic. I need another juice cleanse.

Additionally, I’m a little stressed about going back to work tomorrow because any time I’m gone for any length of time, I’ve got a pile of “concerns” (this is the nice way of saying “complaints”) waiting on my desk.

Oh, also? Miss Rae has started throwing fits if Matty B and I are ever affectionate with each other. Tonight I laid my head in his shoulder and she freaked out, screaming, “no no no!” Sigh…

So on the long trip home, I was thinking about some creative writing assignments for my students and I thought about a project involving them writing about their perfect realistic day. Of course if you won the lottery that would be perfect, but not necessarily realistic.

My perfect, realistic day?










What about you? What’s part of your “perfect/realistic” day?


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