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An apple a day…

As a teacher/principal, I’ve experienced a lot of apple in my time. You know, “an apple for the teacher”, right?

At the risk of sounding ungrateful, I’m going to go off on a tangent. First, let me make one thing clear: I do not expect gifts from students- my birthday, Christmas, or otherwise. I do what I do because of the awesome money:)

However, if for some reason a student feels compelled to give me a gift, I have only one request: please no apple anything!

No apple scented candles.
No apple plaques.
No apple mugs with “2 teach + 2 learn = 4ever”.
And under no circumstances will I ever sport a sweatshirt with a plaid collar and a quilted apple, even if my students names are ever so beautifully embroidered around said quilted apple. It’s just not happening.

However, I’m still not tired of real apples. To prove my devotion to this perfect fruit, I have two apple related posts coming up! You’re excited, aren’t you?:)


The Portland Nursery was having their 25th anniversary ‘apple tasting’ so naturally we had to check it out!


Basically, tables were lined with tons of apple samples, all different varieties, all labeled.



We tasted and tested. I didn’t actually expect J Man to eat any as he’s on a self induced apple strike right now. Don’t ask me why. However, both kids chowed down.


We painted pumpkins, had some piggy back rides, listened to some bluegrass and shared some apple strudel.




It was an “apple-licious” day!



But this face? Yeah, I’d definitely wear this face on a sweatshirt! Even if there was an apple in the background…



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  1. Dearest blog friends-

    Apologies, I’m writing from the car and accidentally pushed publish even though I’m not done! I’m editing as we speak! Thanks for your patience!


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