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Pizza Pizza!

Real life conversation:

(Background: We’re getting ready to go on vacation)

Matty B: “Let’s order pizza tonight for dinner.”

Me: “You can, but I’m not having any.”

Matty B: “What? Why not?”

Me: “We’re going to Tahoe in 3 days and I’m not eating ‘junk’ until then.”

Matty B: “So you’ll eat pizza in Tahoe?”

Me: “Yes.”

Matty B: “You know what would save us a lot of money on food? If we ONLY ate pizza in Tahoe!”

Me: “What?”

Matty B: “Think about it! Dominoes ‘carry out special’ is $5.99. If we ate pizza for breakfast, lunch, and dinner we’d only spend $18 a day on food!”

That Matty B! He loves his pizza. So while I refused to indulge with him after the above conversation (and even he can’t plow through a whole pizza by himself), I did try to provide him with the next best thing- calzones!


Calzones are a perfect meal for families with different tastes or dietary needs. The dough is vegan, but non vegans can dump on all the cheese, meat, or other toppings they want.


I used the crust recipe from my grilled pizza. Super easy. 100%vegan. 110% delicious.


Plain cheese for the kiddos. They don’t like marinara sauce. Will they change their minds, eventually? If so, how will they ever have the opportunity to learn to like sauce, if I don’t give it to them? In the meantime, I have no energy to fight them on this one. Broccoli? Important. Marinara sauce? I really don’t care.


Matty B likes sauce. Mostly. There can be no chunks. Also, this portion is probably too much. He wants just a slight taste of sauce. And no vegetables. Luckily, this recipe is easy for short order cooks.



I like sauce. And onions. And mushrooms. And tomatoes. With all that goodness, who needs cheese? Not me!



Raw and baked. 400 degrees for 14 minutes. I’m tempted to give you a ‘recipe’, but it really isn’t necessary. Make this dough, roll out circles, throw in toppings, crimp and bake.


You can’t mess these up. Seriously. Everyone gets exactly what they want inside and your pizza obsessed husband could even have leftovers for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I’ll make extra and put them in the fridge, Matty B:)


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  1. yourothermotherhere

    I’m with Matty B. I could eat pizza for breakfast, lunch, and supper – cold or hot! Yum!

  2. We love calzones, and these are so easy. Thanks.


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