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Comfort food

I’m needing some comfort tonight.

My babies are visiting grandma and papa for a few days.



It’s win-win-win.

J Man and Miss Rae absolutely adore grandma and papa.

Grandma and Papa absolutely adore them. (Naturally:) they’re amazing children:)

Matty B and I absolutely adore sleeping in and drinking coffee without ‘help’ and having conversations that aren’t interrupted by announcements of ‘potty-time’!

Still, I miss them already:(






Something that might help cure the ‘missing baby blues’?

As always, I turn to this girl.


Even though she usually has recipes full of butter and eggs and cream, Joy has a whole section devoted to vegan cooking! And today, as I’m completely forgetting the day that J Man peed on the couch, and I’ve totally blocked out the fact that Miss Rae will still purposely hit anyone who doesn’t give her her way, this coconut rice pudding was just what I needed!


I used lemon zest instead of orange, but otherwise I followed the recipe exactly.


Sitting down on the couch with Matty B, watching the vice presidential debates and eating a big steaming bowl of this rice was 2/3 comforting. The 1/3 that wasn’t comforting was those debates- both candidates stress me out!

Regardless, I’m looking forward to a few days with my sweet husband and some hot coffee:)

Now I’m gonna go call my mom…:)


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