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Too much spaghetti

Sometimes I feel witty. I have (what I consider to be) funny comments just jockeying for position in my head.

Today is not one of those days. I was in Board of Ed all day and it plumb sucked the ever livin’ life out of me. I was apparently born in a barn in Oklahoma and my best friends’ name is Laura Ingalls.

So, on to the food!



The last time my parents were here they brought me this delicious granola! The hardest part is limiting my portion to half the bag in one sitting, versus the entire thing.

Underneath that mess of yogurt (1/2 cup or so) is a sliced banana (maybe my favorite fruit?) and then I dumped 1/4 cup of granola delight on top with a tablespoon of ground flax seed. Friends, it’s possible that I was delirious, (I was on the slooooow I205 while eating this) but it tasted like banana cream pie. Only cool kids get pie for breakfast.

The token decaf with soy creamer made an appearance, but is hardly worth the effort to pull out my phone and take a picture.

Lunch was expected and disappointing all at the same time. As I was at the conference office, I should have known that they always always get catering from spaghetti factory.


1. Boring
2. I wanted extra sautéed mushrooms because I avoided the dessert table and felt that I deserved some extra joy, even if it’s in the shape of a mushroom, but I was denied! They needed to make sure they had enough for ‘everyone’. Thanks for making me feel greedy.
3. Finally, because my hidden superpower is ‘crazy-organized-planner lady’, I already knew what I was making for dinner and it was…


You guessed it – spaghetti! We had some basil that was ready to go south and Matty B is such a fan of my roasted tomato pesto that I knew I had to carry through with my dinner plans. And, for the record, our dinner was way better than spaghetti factory:)



Snack-age included the majority of an apple (despite just having her own snack, Miss Rae was apparently starving) and a tablespoon of this amazing peanut butter. OMG. And now I’m out of the barn and I’m a teenage girl.

Oh, and full disclosure, I took the kidlets for frozen yogurt and Miss Rae had the gingerbread flavor and I’m a sucker for holiday flavored anything, so a few bites were stolen…while she wasn’t looking, so it’s ok:)

And maybe, out of everything I ate today, those few bites of gingerbread frozen yogurt were my favorite:)

What’s the best thing you ate today?


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  1. gingerbread flavored frozen yogurt??? Oh that sounds delicious!!

  2. The best thing that I am going to eat today is my microwave protein breads. Just love ’em!

    Hmmm.. That spaghetti looks good. Are those green beans in there?

    • Yeah – I have a tendency to take every part of our meal and throw it all into a bowl and mix it up. I’m one of “those” people:)

      Microwave protein bread? Hmmm…sounds interesting! I’ll have to check out your recipes!


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