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Good People

I come from good people.

They came to visit us last week. Papa, Grandma, Unk C, Aunt B and Great Grandpa. Good people.

1. They humor me when I want to try new restaurants. Restaurants that aren’t part of a major chain. Restaurants that have tattooed servers. Restaurants that have things called “mjadra” and “manakish”. Apparently, on the way down to PDX, Great Grandpa said (imagine a gruff, scratchy, “grandpa” voice) “What crazy place is Holley going to take us to this time?” I have a reputation:)


We went to Nicholas, a yummy Lebanese restaurant in Gresham. Great Grandpa and I split the Vegan Mezza. I loved it. He tolerated it…for me:) See? Good people.

2. They put up with my “crazy” vegan lifestyle. My mom stopped at a yummy cupcake shop, “Frosted” on their way from Walla Walla. She got me a special vegan mocha cupcake.


What a gal! And oh, it was gooood!

3. They know me, and I mean KNOW me! Some of my gifts were a Denver Broncos hat (this girl is a big Peyton Manning fan – would you have guessed that?), a Whole Foods gift card (be still my beating heart!) and this book:


Yes, they know me well:)

4. The very best part about the fam coming to visit?

They play with my kids:)


Miss Rae continues to ask for Papa on a daily basis and Grandma is always J Man’s first choice for any activity!


And I love that the kiddos love their family, but I also love that when said family is here, I can sit in a chair. And eat a vegan cupcake. While I read my new cookbook.

I told you – good people! And next time, Great Grandpa, we can go to the Olive Garden…sigh…:)


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  1. Yum! I love Lebanese food, especially when it’s healthy!


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