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Christmas in Heaven

It’s October.

Are you sick of apples yet?

You know what I’m sick of? Gray hairs. I’m 33 tomorrow, people. Should 33 year olds have gray hair? No. No, they should not! It doesn’t help matters that my loving husband wants to pull them out, most times when I’m not expecting it. Number one: ouch. Number two: I still have gray hairs. Now they are just short and spiky gray hairs.

I’m also sick of people who let their kids walk up the slide in a crowded playground. It’s not fair. I make J Man and Miss Rae wait their turn, share and we don’t walk up the slide, especially when another child is attempting to go down! And yes, I am that parent who will tell another person’s child what to do, if necessary. Those other parents are too busy texting to notice that I’m berating their child anyway, so it all works out.

While I’m at it, I’m also sick of Justin Bieber, but I teach Jr. High, so I imagine I hear more about him than the average person…

However, I’m NOT sick of apples!


We picked all those apples last week and so far you’ve seen pie and apple juice. I decided to channel my inner Martha Stewart and attempt apple butter.

Did you catch the word attempt?


I used a recipe found at Breakfast to Bed and it looked super easy, so I went for it!



I used 4 lbs. of mixed apples (Macintosh, Tokyo gold, etc), 1 cup of apple juice and a whole mish mash of spices.


Cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, ginger and cloves, all into the crockpot. Smelled like heaven. At Christmas. Do you think there will be Christmas in heaven? I sure hope so!

So you set it, and forget it. My “apple butter” cooked overnight, but never really…buttered? Don’t get me wrong. It’s delicious. But it’s more like apple sauce. But let’s ignore what it was supposed to be and focus on what it is.


Warm and spicy. Smooth with a few chunks. The perfect mixture of sweet and tart. I’ve been mixing it into my oatmeal along with a scoop of Justin’s maple almond butter. I can almost hear the hallelujah chorus…yes, surely we’ll celebrate Christmas in heaven, as long as there is “apple butter”:)



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