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10 Apples Up on Top


You’ll catch the title reference if you have children under 3, I promise…otherwise, brush up on your Dr. Seuss…


It’s a close race between summer and fall for my favorite seasons.  Summer is grand because it’s warm (sometimes…depending on our Portland weather…), you can pick fresh berries and my work schedule is so much easier!

But fall?  Oh, fall brings sweaters and pumpkin spice lattes and colorful leaves and…Apples!

But more specifically, apple picking!  Saturday was the first day of fall, and it was necessary that we commemorate the occasion.  We headed out to Hood River and ended up at Draper Girls Farm, about 90 minutes from Portland.  J Man was wearing his flannel shirt.  Miss Rae had her red sweater.  Matty B and I were drinking coffee.  It was a good day already.

We picked!  We picked Macintosh, Gala, Tokyo Rose, and more!  It was cool and shaded among the the trees and not too crowded at all.


There was a sign that specifically said, “No tasting until you’ve purchased”.  Explain that to a 1 year old.  We’re rebels, we are…


In addition to the apple picking, we wandered the other produce in their cute little market.



Bought some yummy corn – so much better than the grocery store!  It was crisp and crunchy and sweet!


And we fed some goats!


Miss Rae wasn’t too sure.  I take that back.  She was totally sure she wanted nothing to do with feeding the goats.


It was a beautiful day with my sweet family!  (This picture is catching the ending of Miss Rae playing peek a boo with herself…love her:)




I’m already imagining all the fabulous things I’ll be making from these apples:  Pies, apple cider, apple cider donuts, apple pancakes?  The list is endless!

It’s settled.  Fall is officially my favorite season:)


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