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Used to be…

I’m pretty cheap. Well, “thrifty” sounds better. But my “thriftiness” has specific modes. For instance, as much as I try to use coupons, we always end up spending WAY more on groceries than I intended. Case in point – I stopped at Trader Joes today for 3 things: silken tofu, crystallized ginger (I really want to make this recipe) and parsley. $60 later I came out with cookie butter, coconut oil, alphabet cookies, peanut butter puffins and chicken-less strips. TJ’s and Target both have hypnotic powers over me. It’s a curse.

But I rationalize this excess of spending two ways. 1. We rarely go out to eat and instead we cook a lot at home. 2. I will not feed my beautiful babies top ramen. The reason they’re so cute is because I feed them healthy foods.

Clothing (for me), however, is another story. I learned from the thriftiest shopper out there- sweet mom:). I always, ALWAYS, head to the clearance racks of a store immediately. I truly cannot remember the last time I bought clothing for myself that wasn’t on sale- partly because the better deal I get, the more clothes I get! Partly because of the fun game that Matty B and I play after a shopping excursion: “used to be…”

The rules are easy. I hold up an article of newly purchased apparel and Matty B says, “used to be…” and I tell him the retail/non sale price. Then he says, “but you got it for…” and I blow him away with my bargain hunting skills! It’s very fun. Then again, our idea of fun usually involves sleeping past 6 am and enjoying a two minute cup of coffee without someone demanding “up, peas”, so our expectations of “fun” are quite low…(love you, Miss Rae…:)

If I was dreading the juice fast day of my 30 day challenge, I was totally looking forward to day #18, buy a new outfit or accessory that you love.


I got two shirts:) Matty B says he likes them, but he might just be saying that. In general, he would prefer my attire to be a Cowboys cheerleader uniform…


This is Vera Wang. I like it cause the torso is long and I hate, hate shirts that are too short…


This one is Ralph Lauren. I’m a big fan of red, so this caught my eye right away.

Are you ready to play the game?


Used to be…$45! I got it for…$9! What a deal! And the Vera Wang is similar.

With all the money I saved, I should head back to Trader Joes…I hear their pumpkin butter will be in soon…


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