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Sometimes I spend a lot (I mean A LOT) of time planning and preparing a meal for my family. I have a pretty good idea of what they will and won’t eat and although I’ve been known to push the limits every once in awhile, I typically won’t put something before them that they’ll immediately turn their noses up at.

But sometimes, sometimes, after all the thought and planning and preparing, I’m still met with half full plates of somewhat pushed around food. The other night I fed them roasted tomato pesto (recipe coming on Friday) and J Man took a bite and actually physically shivered. He then declared that his pasta made him “cold” and he couldn’t eat it unless he was wearing a sweatshirt. After a sweatshirt was produced, he still choked and gagged his way through 3 bites. (I didn’t feel too bad- my sweet Rae shoveled her portion in and demanded “mo”:)

But sometimes, yes sometimes, I don’t even try and they love it. Enter: tonight’s dinner.


I’m working on day #14 of my 30 day challenge: try a new whole grain. I think I cheated. In my defense, I’m in love with the bulk bins at Fred Meyer and have been working my way though the whole grains for about a year now. Millet? Check. Barley? Yessir. Farro? So good! So I was actually hard pressed to find a “new” whole grain, so I went with pearl couscous because I’ve never had that before, but is couscous a whole grain?


It’s really neither here nor there because this couscous earned me the following:
“This is really good! Better than the quinoa I made today.”- Matty B (I’m just thrilled that he attempted quinoa:)

“I like the o’s”- J Man (I’m just thrilled he’d try the “o’s”)

“Mo!”- Miss Rae (I’m just thrilled she didn’t rub the couscous in her hair. Oh wait. She did…)


Couscous might be the easiest thing in the world to cook. 2 parts water to 1 part couscous. I added 1/2 TBS of McKays chicken seasoning.


Let it cook, covered, for about 12 minutes. With some Gardein chicken fingers and some steamed broccoli, it wasn’t a gourmet meal by anyone’s standards, but those kids of mine ate up every last bite!

So either dinner was really that great, or the quinoa Matty B fed them for lunch was really that bad…:) Thanks for trying, Matty B:)


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