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When daddies dress baby girls…

Matty B is an awesome father. His energy for our two kidlets is seemingly endless. He feeds them healthy meals, constantly washes their hands and when they go to the park? He’s the dad on the play equipment with the kids- not sitting on the sidelines, texting his friends. (If that person is you, I’m not judging, but they grow up so fast! Don’t miss out!)

Regardless, when I’m at work, I have zero worries about my babies because I know they’re with daddy and he’s the best.

Ok. That’s the disclaimer. Let’s talk about fashion…

This is last Sunday, when I dressed Miss Rae…


And this is a few days earlier when Matty B was in charge…


This is just example 368 of a slew of fashion faux pas. This girl has a closet absolutely stuffed with beautiful clothes. Her clothes are nicer than mine. It makes my heart hurt a little…

In Matty B’s defense, his brother is color blind, so maybe that has an impact?

In his defense, he was probably too distracted fixing my phone/computer/blog because I’m too technologically illiterate to do it myself…

In his defense, I’d much rather he be doing this….


than be worrying about which shirt matches which pants.

Although, quick tip: the tag always goes in the back…:)

30 day challenge update: #2- try a different exercise, anything new to you.

So a few years ago I went to Zumba with my sister and my cousin. None of us had ever done Zumba before and we spent the majority of the class jumping around and laughing at ourselves. The only “workout” I got was in my abs from laughing so hard!

Sadly, not much else has changed since then, only I wasn’t really laughing…:(. Here’s my workout philosophy: if it’s taking me away from my family, it better be good. I need high intensity, sweaty, gasping for breath, calorie burn. “Fun” is optional. I’d prefer it if the instructor would yell at me.

I went to a Zumba class today. Zumba is fun. But for me, it’s no calorie burn. This is 100% because I don’t know the moves and I stand there, dumbfounded, desperately trying to follow along. Just when I figure it out, they change the song.

Yes, I’m sure if I went more consistently, I’d learn the moves and would then be able to get a good workout, but are you kidding me? I’m a full time working mom of two babies. I don’t have time for anything that doesn’t leave me exhausted at the end. Spinning, here I come. And in spinning, there are no “moves”…


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