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30 Day Challenge update:  Day 23 – Drink green tea instead of coffee.


I wasn’t sure how this would go because I’m a girl who loves her coffee.  However, it was a piece of cake!  I could do this more often, if I didn’t love the flavor of coffee so much!

However, for full disclosure, I typically drink decaf, so not having the caffeine of regular coffee wasn’t a “loss” as far as I was concerned.  And I know that green tea has some caffeine – so maybe it went well because there was a little more caffeine in my blood stream than normal!

Or maybe it was the fact that I was so crazy busy today that I didn’t even have time to miss my coffee?  It was one of those up at 5:20 a.m.-not sure if I sat down EVER-my brain can’t stop buzzing sort of days!  Let me tell you, folks, I always love Fridays, but Fridays during the school year?  More necessary than, well, than coffee!

On a side note, Miss Rae eats onions…raw.

The girl is a foodie at heart.  She’ll try almost anything (as long as it’s from MY plate, not hers) and yesterday, as I was making dinner, she pulled herself up into the fridge and found this ziploc bag with half of an onion inside.  She sat down, opened the bag, and I watched…


She took a big ol’ bite and as far as I know, didn’t spit it out.  At least, I haven’t found the evidence anywhere, yet.  That’s my girl…:)
It’s almost Friday…I’m counting down the minutes…



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