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Vegan Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies

30 day challenge, #19 – make a healthy dessert.

Today was the first day of school. If there was ever a day that I needed chocolate and peanut butter, it was today! Glenda, the reader of my mind and heart, made an amazing chocolate peanut butter cake from this website. Ah. May. Zing. So rich and delicious that I felt slightly woozy afterward.

Apparently that wasn’t enough:)

It’s a terrible mindset to get into, but this was my stream of consciousness…”that pb chocolate cake was so good. I totally wanted another piece. I should make something yummy at home. I’ve already ruined the day with that calorie bomb, I might as well go all the way. Today was a stressful day. I deserve it! Tomorrow my baby starts preschool! Now I’m really stressed! I totally deserve it…”

Thus, I was found in the kitchen doing this…


These were, excuse my Jr. High lingo, “the bomb”. Matty B’s question to me: “what makes these healthy?” My answer? “They have tofu.” Forget the butter (vegan), sugar and peanut butter. They have TOFU! And if you squint your eyes just right, they could take the place of dinner without an ounce of guilt…

I’d love to take the credit for these vegan cookies with chocolate, peanut butter and cinnamon as they are absolute genius, but I must give props to Joy the Baker

You already know about my crush on Mama Pea but she shares my heart with Joy.

If Mama Pea is similar to who I am now, Joy is who my inner heart wishes she could be. If Mama Pea is soy milk, Joy the Baker is heavy cream scented with Madagascar vanilla bean. If Mama Pea is healthy monkey bread, Joy the Baker is cinnamon sugar pull apart bread. Both wonderful things, one just a little more decadent than the other…

And decadent these cookies are. But remember your key word? TOFU! And your conscience just breathed an irrational sigh of relief…


Dry ingredients are combined. I usually do this before the kiddos show up. They like to eat flour by the fistful. Apparently all the vegetables I feed them make flour taste like candy…now, if only Matty B had the same taste buds….


“Wet” ingredients go in another bowl. The squishing is the best part.


Well, that or the carob chip eating. Joy’s recipe doesn’t call for carob or chocolate chips, but did you not hear about my day? I totally deserved them. As did J Man, apparently.


Wet mixes with dry and dough eating commences, naturally.


Miss Rae had just fallen off the chair. Oops. She needed some carob chips too…


And oh, we were rewarded! If you like a light, crumbly “pansy” cookie, these are not for you. They are dark and rich and definitely addicting. And healthy? Remember?

Yeah, right. I’m taking them to work tomorrow to get them out of my house. And I’m thinking, that after today’s gluttony, I should be planning on #7 – fast on fruit and vegetable juices all day:)


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  1. lol, you are too cute! LOVE your posts…AND…I just might have to make these cookies sub chocolate chips for carob chips…just can’t get into those! My mom being vegan uses Dark Chocolate chips (I think there is no dairy in them) because she never got into carob either! More power to you!!!

  2. Carob is definitely an acquired taste and my preference is always dark chocolate, but Matt’s penchant for snacking usually makes that scarce around these parts…:)


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