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Unscheduled bliss…

You might call me a “type A” personality.  I’m a woman who likes a plan.  I schedule almost everything about my life.  When we went to Leavenworth last Christmas, I created an hourly schedule for everyone.  Seriously.  My brother acted like he was annoyed by this.  I know that he secretly appreciated it.

I plan our meals each week.  I can tell you exactly what we’re having for dinner on Saturday night (enchiladas, in case you’re curious).  I’m borderline obsessive about my kids’ schedules.  They religiously take a nap at 1:30, every day.  Every day.  I think they secretly appreciate it:).

Sometimes, though, the best things happen “unplanned”.  Spur of the moment.   Without a map, or a schedule, or even a meal plan (although, like any somewhat competent parent, we brought snacks:)

Saturday morning, I woke up and Matty B said, “Let’s go to Oxbow Park”.  We’d never been there.  I didn’t even know where it was.   But armed with our sweatshirts and our sippy cups, we headed out.

It was beautiful!  The air was somewhat cool and crisp (made me want a Pumpkin Spice Latte…), the greenery was super lush, and it was so quiet (well, as quiet as it gets with J Man and Miss Rae around…)

After just a short hike…

(“short” is all in perspective.  Our hikes require holding millipedes…

and saying “cheese” alot…)

We came to the Sandy River.  Do you see all those stacks of rocks behind us?

It was the coolest thing.  Half of the beach was just sandy beach.  The other half, someone (many someones?) had created this amazing garden of rock towers.  Matty B, the finder of all knowledge, googled it and said each rock tower is called a “cairn”.  They were all naturally balanced, some tall, some short.  It was crazy.  It was beautiful.  The enormity of it kind of took your breath away.

Naturally, we had to make our mark as well.

Here’s our contribution.

Of course we couldn’t let all those good rocks go to waste.  Throwing rocks into water is one of J Man and Miss Rae’s top 10 favorite things to do.  Maybe top 5.  We spent a looooong time throwing rocks and this was probably the best part for them:)

This was probably the best part for me:)

Or maybe this…

No, definitely this:)  I couldn’t have “scheduled” this if I tried…




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  1. So adorable. I love reading your blogs 🙂

  2. Thanks! It makes me so happy to know that I have a few readers!


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