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Mini crush on Mama Pea

Truth: If I had the option of meeting Jennifer Aniston or Mama Pea of Peas and Thank You I’d probably choose Mama Pea. This is saying a lot because I’m probably one of the biggest “Friends” fans you’ll ever meet. (Favorite episode ever? When Ross tries to learn the bagpipes for Monica and Chandler’s wedding…hilarious!)

Here’s the reason: What would Jennifer Aniston and I talk about? How I wanted her haircut in 1994? Why a “Friends” reunion is necessary? It would be awkward. However, if I could hang out with Mama Pea, I’m certain we could talk for hours, if only about food…and maybe, just maybe, she would bring me some of these…


These are cookie dough balls. To be specific they are peanut butter chocolate chip cookie dough balls and I love love them.

It appears that I’m not the only one.

These are super easy to make, vegan and oh so yummy.


Gather your ingredients. Easy.


Mix up the peanut butter and sugars. Simple.


Invite a 3 year old to run the hand mixer. This all of a sudden became complicated. Especially when his sister wants to “help”…


Instead, give her the measuring cup of peanut butter to clean out. Success. Crisis averted. The girl loves her pb!

The best part about vegan cooking? No salmonella…



Needless to say, beaters were licked.



Flour is added along with the Best. Part. Ever….chocolate chips! Note: a minor meltdown was brewing over the desire to sample said chocolate chips, but we made it through. Phew.


Form them into balls (apparently this part is super exciting to Miss Rae:), bake and enjoy! Or, be like Matty B and eat approximately 3 cookies worth of dough when he thinks I’m not looking. But I’m a mom AND a teacher. I know everything.



I think they liked them:)

Side note: Matty B is super picky about his baked goods being over done. According to him, these were burnt. Burnt? What?


Help me, people, please! Would you comment, just a quick “yes” or “no” (yes, they’re burnt, no they aren’t) so this debate can be settled once and for all!


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  1. Yes, They were burnt, but the dough was delicious.

  2. They look perfect!!

  3. Oh my goodness. I am beyond flattered and way less cool than Jennifer Aniston. But we WOULD talk for hours because I have a hard time shutting up and you look like a whole lot of fun. So glad to have been apart of your day. Thanks for the sweet words.

  4. Speaking as a semi professional baker…. I must say they do not classify as “burnt”!

  5. Nope not burnt…just right!!

  6. Sorry Matty B…I know how u like to win but…….non burnt! And they look delicious!

  7. Sorry, Matt. NOT burnt. Again, love seeing pix of the babes. My fave line: “…when he thinks I’m not looking. But I’m a mom AND a teacher. I know everything.”

  8. Thanks for taking my side, everyone:) Score- Holley:1, Matt:0

  9. Mrs. Bryant for one you did not see everything, Ethan, Trent and I got away so much, it was a hilarity! And for two did I see not organic peanut butter?

    • 1. You boys are sneaky and I was too busy trying to keep my eye on all the lovebirds, so you guys slid under the radar…
      2. Yes, I’m ashamed of my skippy, but being that these cookies (while being vegan) are not at all healthy, I just went for it:)

      Good luck next week!

      • Oh my, the horrid amount of pointless drama that went on was horrific, and thank you PAA is going to be quite a different story from little ol’ Hoodview.

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