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If you must know…

If you must know, I don’t floss every day.  5 out of 7 days, yes.  The other two days, my gums are terrible.  My grandpa’s a dentist.  Don’t tell him.

And sometimes, SOMETIMES, I don’t push my shopping cart into the little shopping cart corrals in the parking lot.  In my defense, I’ve just suffered through 45 minutes of grocery shopping with two “helpful” toddlers and buckling them back into the car, loading all the groceries into the back and frantically searching for my phone/keys/etc. is about all I can take. So I leave the cart in the empty parking space next to me.  Sorry, Fred Meyer.

I’ve been known to cut people off on the freeway.  Not because I’m being mean, but just because I’m a subpar driver.  I said it, Matty B.  Gloat all  you want.

And occasionally, just occasionally, I’m not a very good vegan.  For instance, yesterday’s final hurrah of the summer – Lovejoy Bakery.

So it’s been our tradition during the past few summers to try a new coffee shop or bakery every Friday, since I typically take Friday’s off when school isn’t in session.  While we’ve been to Lovejoy before, it’s right down the street from a fun kids fountain and with weather in Portland being super hot, it seemed like the perfect “final Friday” of the summer experience!

Apparently, everyone else in Portland had the same idea because it was packed!  We got into the super long line and decided that Matty B would wait and order for all of us, and I would take the kids outside to find a table.  I scoped out the bakery case and they had one vegan option:  a berry scone.  I told Matty B to get me the scone and the kids and I headed out.

They waited somewhat patiently.

When Matty returned, the kids were thrilled to gobble up their cinnamon twist!


And then came the bad news.  By the time Matty B got back up to the counter, all the vegan scones were GONE!  No!!!!

So, he got me another scone.  A non vegan scone.  It was a cookies and cream scone.

And I ate it.  And I loved it.

Do I look like I feel at all guilty?  Not in the least.  So this post speaks perfectly to the premise behind my blog:  “versatile”vegan.  I’m not going to rule my life by eggs or butter.  Could I have forgone the scone and watched my family enjoy their baked treats without me.  For sure.  But why?  I’m not a girl who likes to sit on the sidelines of life!

As planned, we headed over to Jamison Square and had a splashing good time!

So, I may not be a perfect vegan.  But it was a perfect day:)


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