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What I ate Wednesday

I’m pretty excited, and it’s somewhat ridiculous, but I’m participating in WIAW…for the 1st time!

I’ve been reading food/healthy living blogs for awhile now and even though I have 2.5 readers (hi mom!) I feel like my blog has “arrived” now that I’m playing the WIAW game!

So, without further adieu, thanks to peas and crayonsfor hosting!


Breakfast was so delish, although I’m totally aware it looks like mud.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie
Into the Vitamix went:
1 frozen banana
1 TBS cocoa powder
1 TBS flax seed
1 TBS peanut butter
1/2 cup almond milk
1/2 cup ice
1 giant handful of kale

I topped it off with some cacao nibs, which gave it a nice little crunch, but doesn’t really take away from the ‘mud’ effect…

I also had a cup of decaf with soy creamer, but you know what coffee looks like, right?


Lunch was a great mix of brown rice, green beans, Trader Joes veggie meatballs and the best masala sauce ever! We had some friends over a few weeks ago and she brought this amazing sauce and being the greedy gal I am, I asked her if she would leave me the leftovers. I defrosted it this morning and it made boring brown rice taste like…well, like exciting brown rice!

I had a handful of baby carrots for a snack. No pic, but if you haven’t seen carrots before, they’re orange. You’re welcome.


Dinner was one of Matty B’s favorites- roasted broccoli and peanut noodles. The kiddos gobble this one up too, so it’s win-win. I’ll share the recipe soon because it’s so yummy and super easy.

That’s it! I’m pretty pleased with my veggie intake today and using whole wheat pasta in the peanut noodles, plus my brown rice at lunch makes for some good servings of whole grain!

What about you? What did YOU eat today?


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  1. caloricandcrazy

    Your breakfast looks so gorgeous in that jar :)!


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