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Sauvie Island

I debated calling this post “I picked a giant head of cauliflower” but deemed it slightly wordy…

So it’s actually really important to me that my kids know WHERE food comes from (and the correct answer isn’t Trader Joe’s, although J Man is a big fan of the miniature shopping carts:)

In addition, there is an inner hippie living inside me that yearns to plant the tomato seeds that grow into tomatoes that I pick and make into my own salsa that I then preserve and sell at the Farmer’s Market.

The tomatoes weren’t on yet at Sauvie Island Farms, but there were so many other options! Best. Morning. Ever.

We picked cucumbers (lemon and pickling), broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, corn, zucchini, summer squash, blueberries and peaches! We had actually estimated that this outing would keep the kidlets attention for maybe an hour. Maybe. They gave us a good 90+ minutes and had a blast!

It’s safe to say that a good part of the entertainment of this morning was eating:) Miss Rae will try almost anything. This chick doesn’t care if it’s on the ground or dirty. In fact, the fruit or veggie doesn’t even need to be ripe. She’ll eat it.

J Man is not as adventurous as his sister, but he is an expert “picker”. It was so cute to watch them sharing a bucket, filling it up with blueberries. About every 3 minutes I would hear, “No, Miss Rae! Not the green ones!”

It was truly a perfect morning. The sun was shining, but it wasn’t too hot. Everyone was happy, the kids saw cucumbers in some place other than Fred Meyer, and we got a lot of great produce out of the deal for around $20. Win-win-win!

And look at our haul! Beauty! The berries went into the freezer. The peaches need a few days to ripen and we had the corn for dinner tonight. You’ll notice the absence of a giant head of cauliflower. Yeah, it was too ripe:( The sweet lady at the farm advised against buying it because it was starting to flower.

It was one of those rare days when I felt like we were doing a good job as parents…not even a good job, but a great job:)

It’s hard work, this parenting thing, but moments like this make it all worth it…

How sweet is this? And it wasn’t even posed…:)


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  1. Awehhh…..this is so priceless….one of these moments to savor…one day they may be like Unc C and Aunt B chasing each other around the house saying I’m gonna give you a tancquilizer!! scream scream

  2. I had totally forgotten about tranquilizers:) good times! Thanks for commenting!

  3. wonderful to see photos of your adorable children


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