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Sunday pancakes and cans of worms?

So I opened up a can of worms.

It’s no secret that J Man is a fan of numbers and letters.  “Fan” might be a slightly tame description.  “Obsessed” is a better word.

Wanting to be a creative mom, one Sunday morning I pulled out the pancake batter and told the kids that we would be making some letter pancakes!  I put the batter in a squeeze bottle and went to town.

Thus, the can was opened.  Now, every Sunday, maybe until the day I die, I will find myself with two “helpers” and a squeeze bottle full of pancake batter.  We’ve done “number pancakes”, “letter pancakes” and my personal favorite, “shape pancakes”, which really just means that I make normal pancakes and cut them into shapes (cheater, I know…)

But with “helpers” like these, I can’t be too grumpy.


Miss Rae is so excited to be standing on a chair like her big brother…


Because they’ve been brainwashed into believing that vegan pancakes with whole wheat flour are the norm, that’s what they get:)


Remember those blackberries we picked?  Here they are!

So, to be perfectly honest, these pancakes were fine, but not blog/recipe worthy.  They were actually pretty heavy, which was good in that I wasn’t hungry all morning until after the kidlets went down for naps, but they wouldn’t win any awards for pancake of the year.


Although, if you topped anything with almond butter, homemade blackberry jam (there it is again!) and bananas, it would probably taste fine.


Either way, J Man approves.  Let’s just hope he doesn’t request states or planets next Sunday…


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