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Blackberry Love

It seems that you either love them, or you hate them. I know people who have professional exterminators come to eradicate their backyards of any blackberry bushes to be found.

I’d say that my family is on the opposite end of that spectrum.

20120812-140439.jpgJ man at 6 months:)

1) They are free. And I’m a bargain hunter. I like nice clothes, but I always head straight for the clearance racks in any store.

2) They are delicious! If you wait until mid to late August when they are giant and juicy and falling off the bushes, they are the best!

3) They are versatile:) I’ll be sharing a few recipes soon that make great use of these yummy, healthy berries.

J man is rocking those shades…:)

4) The kids love ’em. And interestingly enough, Miss Rae wouldn’t touch them on her breakfast plate, but let her pick them outside? That’s good stuff.

So here’s to summer (what still remains) and channeling your inner “gatherer”. Makes me feel like Laura Ingalls.


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